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Technology | Postrepress

Heidelberg Stahl KD 78KL folding machine

Heidelberg Stahlfolder TI52-6.4.X folding machine

stahlfolder_ti52_355.jpg, 15,5kB

Combined folding machine Heidelberg Stahlfolder TI52-6.4.X

Format (Max): 500x1000mm

Format (Min): 145x210mm

This is a folding machine with "round pile" feeding system; this involves the sheets being placed onto rollers, which takes it around the end of the machine and then each sheet is individually pulled into the machine by an air-controlled suction-wheel. The sheets of paper are separated by help of blowing air between.

Stahl Ti52/4-52/4 Proline Tremat, folding machine

Muller Martini 235 saddle stitcher

Osako 368 saddle stitcher

Heidelberg Stitchmaster 300 saddle stitcher

Muller Martini 894 perfect binder

Horizon BQ460 perfect binder

Horizon HT70 trimmer

Theisen & Bonitz Sprint 303 collator and stitcher

Rillecart FAR-5/55 perforator

Solarco Shark 80 perforator

Solarco Calendar 55 wire-o binder

Heidelberg Cylinder Automat die cutting

Polar 78 Guillotine

Polar 115 Guillotine

Morgan FSN numbering and perforation machine

Foliant 720HPS laminating machine

We have lot of small equipment, used in a book bindery.

Please contact sales department for more details about our machines!